Where To Get Breast Augmentations and Boob Jobs Finance in South Africa

Breast Implants

Breast augmentations, or more commonly known as boob jobs, are prostheses which alter the shape and/or size of a woman’s breasts. There are several options when it comes to where can get breast augmentation done in South Africa. Obviously, there are many so-called ‘fly-by-night’ facilities that can offer you boob jobs, and often at very low prices. This is alluring to many women who wish to alter their breasts because securing finance for boob jobs is not something that usually ranks very high on their list of priorities. There are however, several legitimate, accredited places where women can receive breast augmentation in South Africa, for financially accommodating rates.

Because it is a relatively new practice, it can be quite daunting to even consider getting an operation of this kind because of certain negative press around general practitioners who perform plastic surgeries or any other medical professional doing work that they are unqualified for. As an informed, future patient of a breast augmentation procedure you should take your time to make sure that the person you are seeing about possibly working on your breasts is a registered plastic surgeon. They should be registered with the Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in South Africa, with the proper paperwork to certify it. All of the surgeons on this board are certified in breast augmentation surgery. By being a member of this board it ensures that your surgeon has been assessed and passed scrupulous testing by special high-level medical standards.

As for Boob Jobs Finance, the cost of undergoing a breast augmentation in South Africa is generally half the price of the same in the USA, and around a third of the price of the UK’s equivalent procedure. Additionally, South African breast augmentation and cosmetic surgeries do not suffer the long waiting-lists of their American and British counterparts. Even if your finances are not currently equal to the task of the low South African price of breast augmentation, there are several payment plans available. Usually all that is required is an initial deposit, your ID, three month’s bank statements and proof of physical address.

Where To Get Breast Augmentations and Boob Jobs Finance in South Africa
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